Terminhill, il Downhill di Roma (2018)

Muteki Videos has been the official event reporter for the first edition of “Terminhill, il Downhill di Roma”, a freeride Longboard non-competitive weekend. Lot of fun for the riders as well as the spectators, which also included a concert and a dj set on two different nights.

Muteki Videos ancora una volta partner ufficiale della Longskate Riders Roma, in questo primo evento di freeride del centro Italia: “Terminhill, il Dowhnill di Roma”. Un weekend di discese non competitive fatto di gran divertimento sia per i riders che per gli spettatori he hanno partecipato anche ad un concerto dal vivo ed un dj set.


Walk 4 Research 2018 (Trailer)

A fun promo video we shot for the “Walk 4 Research” fundraising initiative to support the Bambino Gesù Foundation:

Promo video per la camminata a scopo benefico “Walk 4 Research” in supporto dell’Ospedale Bambin Gesù di Roma:

Here a SIDE BY SIDE version with the original video from Paolo Nutini:

Qui di seguito una versione che include il video originale di Paolo Nutini:

Volley Armada 2018

MUTEKI VIDEOS è oramai una realtà in espansione oltre i confini del centro Italia. Siamo andati in quel di Brescia per documentare un grande evento di green volley, il Volley Armada. Tanta bella gente, tanto sport e una miriade di occasioni per fare buone riprese nelle 48 ore no-stop fatte di pallavolo, feste e concerti. Buona visione!

Campo Staffi 2018 il Documentario

Campo Staffi 2018 è un mini documentario di Roberto Ronzulli, volto ad incentivare l’esplorazione delle vette ormai poco frequentate nelle vicinanze del comune di Filettino.

Campo Staffi 2018 is a short documentary from Roberto Ronzulli, aimed to incentivate hikers to adventure on the mountains surrounding the town of Filettino.

Si ringraziano l’esperto Nicola Inversi, guida ufficiale escursionistica, il compagno di avventure Alex Ronald Sabelli apri arrampicata e drone operator, e ultimo ma non ultimo, il Rifugio Viperella, realtà familiare simbolo della voglia di rinascita e orgoglio delle radici.

GreenSkate Day x Formula E (2018) DIRECTOR’S CUT:

This is an alpha version of the video I’ve produced for the Green Skate Day 2018. The final version has been adapted to accommodate further requests from the client but I personally like this one better…so here we go!
Ps: The Ultra (over) saturated colors are a stylistic request from the client.

Here is the version that has been released to the public:

BLACK IN JAPAN 2018 – The Documentary:

Also featured at the Student Film Festival at the John Cabot University of Rome, Black in Japan is a Documentary about the black experience in Japan, more specifically on the cultural underpinnings, representations and realities of black people in the land of the rising sun.

Duquesne University – Italian Campus promo video (2016):

Commissioned by the Duquesne University Italian Campus, this video has been featured on the University website as well as displayed on the screens at the home campus in Pennsylvania.

Live By The Book (2017):

Roberto Ronzulli’s first short movie (in the role of Screenwriter, Camera Operator and Editor) produced in collaboration with John Cabot University, casting students as crew members and actors. This movie features in its cast Eduardo Servillo (son of the famous actor Toni Servillo, protagonist in “La Grande Bellezza”), as well as Liliana Bottone, a professional theater performer.

Longboard Fest 2017 – Official report of the Event:

Commissioned by Snowpress/LongSkateRiders Roma, this is the official report of the biggest Longboard event in central Italy (publicized on national radio and press).


Promo video Beige, one of the coolest Cocktail Bars in Trastevere. The video is shown on their website as well as on loop at their bar in the historic center of Rome.

Death On VHS (2016):

This is an experimental REMIX, a fun editing exercise, based on the horror movie by Brian Thomson “Bachelor Party in the House of the Damned” (thank you Brian for letting me have fun with the clips!).

Per un Pugno di Pistoni (2013):

A fun tribute to “A Fistful of Dollars” from Sergio Leone , result of a post production inspiration (this was just a fun, Sunday ride with my friends).

My Wedding (07-07-2017):

I could have never accepted someone else to shoot my wedding video…and therefore, here I am, behind the scenes and “on the stage” for one of the most heartfelt productions of my life. A day that I will never forget, with the person I love the most, deserved all of my artistic dedication.

New Year’s Eve in Nagoya (2009):

A fun new year’s eve in Nagoya, from 2009 when I was living in Japan. My passion for shooting and editing goes way back in time, but this is one of the most “ancient” HD excerpts before jumping below the 720p limit line.

Ponza Duemiladiciotto (a vlog):

Our favorite island in Italy!

Oakland 2017 (a vlog):

One of the many vlogs I’ve shot in my life. This one is from a great holiday in Oakland in 2017 with my cousin, Mario Guariso and his husband Robert, the best people on this planet.